Ame Aiye

An Integrative Approach To Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness


"Nicole is dedicated to helping individuals become whole and healthy. She is extremely patient and attentive to your one-on-one needs. I struggle with yoga but know that she will work with me and push me to do my best. I enjoy the extra encouragement and attention as I find some yoga classes are a bit impersonal. She wholeheartedly believes in the work she does and that is evident in her delivery and care for her clients." ~ Diana N.

"When I first started yoga I would only do it in the privacy of my own home. I knew there would be a benefit to going to a class and having an instructor, but I never found one that I could connect with. I then started taking yoga classes with Nicole and everything changed. I really enjoy the spiritual aspect that she couples with our yoga classes. Our classes are fun, high energy and challenging. When we first started, touching my toes was impossible but after a few weeks I can place my hands on the ground and the stress I once held in my shoulders is gone. I recommend Nicole to everyone I know because she not only provides results but also a caring non-judgmental space for you to move and grow at your pace." ~ Tami L.

"Nicole LeBlanc has converted me into a yoga believer! Before studying under Ms. Le Blanc, I avoided incorporating yoga into my fitness and health routine because I found previous experiences boring. Ms. Le Blanc's approach, however, is engaging, integrative of dance and Tai Chi as well as holistic and meditative. Ms. Le Blanc is knowledgeable about how physical activity affects mind, body and spirit and easily guides the student to his/her optimal level of physical achievement and mental centeredness. She encourages free movement exercises, but requires correct posturing and placement during poses. Each session is unique, rigorous and a lot of fun! Studying with Ms. Le Blanc the student can expect consistent growth in focus and flexibility. I will study under no one else and highly recommend Nicole LeBlanc." ~ Selima H.

“Ame Aiye is a wonderful yoga practice! Nicole, the instructor, is calm, encouraging and always has a smile on her face. With her guidance I have been able to challenge myself physically and take further ownership over my mind and emotions. I highly recommend Nicole and her practice of yoga!” ~ Danielle L.

"Ame Aiye is the first yoga practice that completely relaxed my body AND mind. After my first session with Nicole, I was hooked! Now, I can't imagine a week without a session. Nicole provides not only an extremely supportive environment, but a calming one was as well. For anyone who is looking to unwind from work and find peace in the midst of everything, I highly recommend Ame Aiye with Nicole." ~ Dana B.