Finding Your Path  


Ame Aiye is a yoga practice, based off of Dahn (Tao) yoga, that works with you, your school or your business to create a customized wellness program. The wellness program is centered on meeting your needs, goals and enhancing your ability to relax. Stretches and poses are adaptable according to age and body condition.

Ame Aiye ​takes a balanced and open approach to yoga. Through your customized program, Ame Aiye teaches you a new awareness of your body, mind and spirit. You will find something that meets your needs and blends with your personality, hopes, and goals.

Namaste, friends.

A dynamic and inspirational certified Dahn (Tao) Yoga Instructor & Brain Management Consultant; Nicole offers an integrative approach to mind, body, and spirit wellness. Nicole is a healer that has been a student of yoga, meditation, and energy restoration for the past 10 years. A passionate yoga practitioner, Nicole's primary focus is to create a positive, empowering experience for her students in order for them to actualize self-healing on various levels. Not only does Nicole have the most up-to-date certificate in her discipline, but she practices what she preaches. Finding inner peace and fitness is something that she holds true to herselfShe is also an artist and adjunct sociology professor. Nicole hopes that through achieving overall wellness, individuals and therefore humanity, will find balance and harmony. 

Ame Aiye

An Integrative Approach To Body, Mind & Spirit Wellness

​Ame Aiye incorporates 3 main elements into the yoga practice.

Meridian Stretching 
Deep stretching exercises that open the body's vital energy (Ki) pathways, which increases energy flow within the body, balance and flexibility. The stretches are based on the coordination of breathing, body awareness, and correct posture. 

Energy Breathing
Focuses on the conscious control of your breath. Through conscious breathing you learn how to alleviate stress, negative thoughts and emotions. 

Energy Meditation
Grounding meditation allows you to experience vital energy (Ki). Energy meditation will allow you to not only feel energy (Ki), but will also lower your brain waves bringing you to a deeper state of relaxation.


Ame Aiye Elements